about THAT girl

Hi! I’m Tj. A young kick-ass wife, mom extraordinaire, move-over-Martha baker, exercise lover, health nut, fashionista and professional self-help guru. JUST KIDDING….but I do wanna be that girl.
In real life, I’m over 40, married to “Awesome”, have 6 kids, am an okay baker, wine-lover, wanna-be fitness enthusiast, wanna-be fashionista and wanna-be self-help guru!

I am a girl trying to make sense of my life after birthing and raising children. Like most of you, I was defined by my beliefs and by my circumstances. As my kids are getting older, I am finally finding out who I am outside of motherhood.

I often look at other women and say to myself…..I want to be like her when I grow up. Who’s with me? I admire so many women and I am constantly learning and growing from their examples. If you can relate, feel free to follow my journey on how to be THAT girl.